The One God, our Father sent the One Lord, our only Savior, into the world to die for the sins of the whole world and to preach One Faith, which if believed will cause a person to submit to the One Baptism,  which when done, the One Spirit will place you into One Body, which means there is only one church, and if he remains faithful until death, he will receive the One Hope, which is a home in Heaven. (Read Eph. 4:4-6)

All of these ONES make it evident to me that God wants unity among all people. How is it that many say that they are worshipping the same One God, they have submitted to the same One Lord, they are reading/studying the same Bible which contains the same One Faith, which was written down by inspired apostles and prophets who had the same One Spirit and we are all going to the same Heaven?

Notice: Many want God –Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the eternal home he has promised, but only a few are willing to do what he has said in order to worship and serve Him correctly and receive His promise. Can we all believe different things about God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) concerning how God saves man (by the gospel) and not submit to his invitation through baptism and not be unified in one body, His church and all make it to the same Heaven. Surely we are only kidding ourselves.

Perhaps there are many gods and just perhaps there are many heavens. Why is it that you never hear anyone say, “I have my God and you have your God!”, “You have your heaven, and I have my heaven!”, but we can always hear some soul utter, “I have my faith, and you have your faith!”; “Go to the church of your choice!”; “I accept Jesus as my Savior my way and you can accept Him your way!” Can we honestly say, that God will allow us all to do as we please down here and in the end we all end up in the same place? Surely We Jest!

Tavares D. Mathews